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Candidates and employers are both looking for a good match. We listen. We know job candidates have a stance, things they believe in, tools, skills, and experience. They have ambitions.

Employers have a culture, values, an existing team, customers, policies, procedures, and ambitions.

Rooney Recruiting encourages everyone to listen, think of the other person in the interview, think about your wants and their wants, and look for common ground, an opportunity to grow together, and a path to get to where you want to go. We are here to assist you in finding a good match.

Find a Job

If you are open to work, we would like to collaborate with you. Our service is free to job seekers. Many people use recruiters today to find a job. How is it done?

1.Tell us about your needs, desires, and ambitions; the client companies we represent also have requirements. We work towards matching you with a job that best fits your needs. The choice is up to you. 

2.Together we will find a career path that best meets your needs. You will have a new job.

What do you want?

What are job candidates looking for in their next job? 

What attributes are employers looking for in job candidates? 

By Aligning our passions. and goals, needs and ambitions we can find fulfillment and contentment at work. 

Work-life balance


Following the Policies and Procedures

Achieving Goals

Growth and Opportunity

Income and Benefits

A sense that you matter 



Mutual Respect

Hire Someone

Rooney Recruiting Services has 40 years of staffing in the hospitality industry. We listen to what the employer and the candidate are looking for and their common interest: locations, salaries, commitment, flexibility, adaptability, and ability; we seek to find a common advantage, a match that benefits both parties. 

• What are your needs? 

• Reach out to us (Mike Rooney and Steve Collins) if you are looking for a new channel to recruit talent. Companies that use recruiters know that our prices are reasonable.

• Where there is a common interest, let’s team up and find a common advantage.

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